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First created by Firenza Guidi in 1989, the performance/montage is a unique method of work and style of presentation developing material created through an intense practical investigation on a specific theme.

Its novelty and power lie in unmasking the mechanisms that produce meaning inside a text and performance. The process is a challenging and exhilarating experience leading to a performance constructed in front of an audience, who become eye-witness to a 'product' which is never fixed

The performance/montage has proved a powerful and extremely adaptable vehicle for presentation and performance training as well as a highly successful medium for establishing artistic relationships which have been flouroishing over time and across boundaries

Performances by ELAN Wales have been created throughout the world in medieval towers, crypts, balconies, courtyards, schools, art centres, churches, castles, bars, marshlands and dockyards in the Irish Sea and the Mediterranean

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